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​Hunting is Our Heritage

At Flying B Ranch, hunting isn't just a sport--it's a heritage.

We don't just get to work at our dream jobs everyday; by teaching others how to hunt responsibly, we get to enrich the lives of others. We help build skills, instill confidence and foster a greater connection with nature.  

Here are some of the things we do involving education and conservation here at the "B":

boys with bird idfg and young hunter guide and first time hunter

Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game - Youth Hunter Safety

We work closely with local Conservation Officers with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to promote safe, responsible hunting. Each year, we host three or four youth hunting events here at the "B," which teach kids how to hunt in a way that both protects themselves and shows respect for the wilderness. These events include:

  • Gun safety lessons
  • Lessons on how dogs work with guides in the field
  • Instructions on safety while hunting with dogs
  • 10-station sporting clays course with one-on-one lessons on shooting safety and accuracy                                                                                           youth hunt group

After we review the fundamentals of hunting, we take our kids out on their very first hunt. Under the supervision of a guide and with help from our canine friends, groups head into the field and take turns shooting with one shotgun. Sometimes they get a bird or two, sometimes they don't. Regardless, the kids always come back with smiles.

And most importantly, they get what they need to become a conscientious hunter for life. They learn about the necessary skills and understand why we're so passionate about hunting.

First Hunt Foundation

Lots of us learned about hunting from our family. Sadly, quite a few kids grow up in homes that don't or can't provide that sort of care and guidance. That's why Flying B Ranch partners with a Kamiah, Idaho-based nonprofit called the First Hunt Foundation.

first hunt foundation

The First Hunt Foundation's mission is, in their own words, to "ensure that hunting remains a vital part of the American culture. We believe that providing a mentor-based hunting experience to you and other interested individuals, the hunting heritage will be passed on to future generations. Wildlife conservation and habitat management will be better served and supported by having citizens who are educated on the value of hunting as a management tool."

Needless to say, this lines up perfectly with our own ideals. We and the FHF host several hunts for kids from broken homes. We coordinate with Conservation Officers and a group of dedicated local hunters to create a network of mentors for the boys and girls who come to us.

Women on Target

Flying B Ranch also hosts Women on Target, a one-day, National Rifle Association-organized event that teaches women how to handle guns safely and effectively. Women who sign up get one-on-one instruction from skilled volunteers on how to use:

  • Handguns
  • Rifle
  • Shotguns                                            women on target

This event not only serves as a first step towards hunting--women learn a vital bit of self-defense. You might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but you'll walk away educated and empowered.

Casting for Recovery

In addition to all these events, Flying B Ranch host fly-fishing events on behalf of Casting for Recovery, which seeks to improve the quality of life for women with breast cancer. Women spend the weekend learning the ins and outs of fly-fishing. Not only that, they get to share their stories in a safe, completely private environment (not even our own staff gets full access to the lodge during these events).casting for recovery

The lives of our staff members have been directly affected by breast cancer. We're deeply honored to host these retreats, which can be very emotional and deeply rewarding.

Veterans' Outreach

veteran with mule deer  

Flying B Ranch also takes great pride in working with organizations like Project Healing Waters and Send-A-Vet, which help injured veterans recover physically and mentally from combat experiences.

For us, helping the people who have served our country is a personal thing--our owner's a veteran himself. By hosting trips and assisting with fundraising, we work to enhance the lives of these brave, dedicated men and women.

More About Flying B Ranch

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