Elk Recipes from the Flying B Kitchen

Peppered Grilled Elk Medallions with Red Wine Sauce & Lingonberry Compote

Peppered grilled elk medallion with red wine sauce

Serve with desired vegetable and starch. Scalloped potatoes or roasted red bliss potatoes are a nice accompaniment.


3 pounds: Elk, Deer or Venison Top round (denuded-removing the side muscle and all the silverskin on the top)

1 bottle red wine, 750ml

2 14oz cans beef broth

Back Country Bear Hunting Experience

Joe holding black bear

This past spring Joe DeProspero and I packed into the Selway River for a spring black bear hunting trip. It was Joe’s third spot-and-stalk hunt in the Selway wilderness for bear.

He has been on many hunts at the Flying B Ranch since 2011, which includes the successful harvest of four bear, whitetail and mule deer, and the elusive mountain lion. He and I spoke in February about a particular drainage we had glassed on a previous hunt.