Hunting South Africa with JohnX Safaris

"There must be a million reasons to go to Africa, but until last year, none of them had drawn me there. At the urging of friends and family I booked a trip; not fully knowing what was in store, but thoroughly excited nonetheless. Along with my wife (herself an Africa veteran), some good friends and their adult son we decided to meet in Cape Town on July 2nd for the quick flight to Port Elizabeth. We were met by our JohnX guides upon arrival and driven to the Lalibela Game Reserve, where we would enjoy part of our stay.

Grilled Elk Medallions Recipe

Peppered Grilled Elk Medallions with Red Wine Sauce & Lingonberry Compote

Peppered grilled elk medallion with red wine sauce

Serve with desired vegetable and starch. Scalloped potatoes or roasted red bliss potatoes are a nice accompaniment.


3 pounds: Elk, Deer or Venison Top round (denuded-removing the side muscle and all the silverskin on the top)

Back Country Bear Hunting Experience

Joe holding black bear

This past spring Joe DeProspero and I packed into the Selway River for a spring black bear hunting trip. It was Joe’s third spot-and-stalk hunt in the Selway wilderness for bear.

Fly Fishing the Idaho Backcountry

By Flying B Guide Jeremi Syron

For the past six years Tom Ciriack and his two children, Callahan and Hailey, have joined us in the backcountry fly fishing for west slope cutthroat trout at our Osprey Creek backcountry camp.

Pro Tips: Proper Set Up, More Broken Targets

Written by: James Ross, Orvis Chief Shooting Instructor

Many shooters I’ve worked with recently have had problems with consistency. Many of these problems can be easily corrected by paying attention to your set up or pre-shot routine. Here are some tips to remember for proper set up and improved shooting.

Raising the Bar: The Flying B is the gold standard when it comes to wingshooting.  The staff is phenomenal and the hunting is incredible.…

Scott H.