Sporting Classics Feature at FBR - Killer Up a Tree by Ron Spomer

mountain lion hunting pursuit

READ IT HERE FIRST!... The full article, Killer Up A Tree, by acclaimed writer Ron Spomer from the September - October 2018 issue of Sporting Classics.  Mountain lion hunting is a unique and challenging hunt experience unlike any other in the world.  These big cats are highly efficient predators that may kill a deer a week.  Over our decades in operation we have built a highly experienced team of guides and hounds successful in the pursuit of these wild mountain predators.  Read Ron's account of the experience and contact us for more information on this adventure.

Retreats On the Fly

Hunter in the field

"You can find great bird hunting throughout the eastern United States, no doubt. But if you want to chase birds in the true uplands, you need to head west. Located in the mountains of north-central Idaho, Flying B Ranch—a 14,000-square-foot lodge, established in 1985, and a Nicholas Air partner—occupies 5,000 acres of rolling prairie and canyon, loaded with California quail, chukars, pheasant, and blue and ruffed grouse, in the bull’s-eye of the region’s best wing-shooting corridor."

Flying B Cougar Hunt Challenges Biases and Endurance

Corey and Jeremi

A north Idaho, Flying B cougar hunt may be the ultimate, classic, anti-cabin-fever, winter, big game adventure. It’s the cat’s meow. And I’m not lion.

If you’re still with me after those pathetic puns, you must be seriously interested in hunting the western hemisphere’s largest wild cat. Good, because Idaho has lots of them. And the guides at the Flying B Ranch know where to find them.

You can read more about Ron's thrilling hunt on his website here.

2014 Davy Beecroft's Trip Pictures

During this spring combination bear, turkey, and salmon trip, Davy Beecroft and his family enjoyed hunting, fishing and retreat activities. Daily adventures is what it's all about at the Flying B Ranch. Thank you to the Beecrofts for another great trip.

Davy Beecroft's Bear Davy was determined to harvest a bear with his bow on the first night of the hunt.

Davy was determined to harvest a bear with his bow on the first night of the hunt.


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